Yoga creates wellness for the entire body, from the muscles to the heart to the soul. Its emphasis on controlled breathing, focused stretching, and directed poses builds strength and relieves stress. By learning these fitness fundamentals, participants gain increased body awareness during every workout. Participants at Pleasant View yoga classes exercise their sense of balance and mental focus, which can prevent injuries during other activities and keep people centered.

Our Pleasant View yoga classes are available for all fitness levels. Your instructors Candice, Rose and April will adapt any pose for your body’s needs. Regardless of your body type or injuries, Pleasant View yoga classes can improve blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, which helps you relax and feel better. If you participate in active exercises, yoga is the perfect opportunity to slow down and decrease your muscle strain. At the same time, Pleasant View yoga classes still present unique challenges! The techniques behind each pose require concentration, coordination, and strength. Lose yourself in the steady rhythm of your breath and leave each class feeling reinvigorated.