Get lost in rolling hills, dipping valleys, and timed intervals in a West Haven area cycling class. Your instructor will play powerful music to inspire you during your workout, helping you keep your calorie burn at maximum output. By combining high intensity pedaling in short bursts with slower paced intervals, your muscles strengthen and your fat sweats out. Over time, your endurance improves and you lose yourself in the pumping of your legs and the beating of your heart.

Spinning class in West Haven at Lady Fitness are taught by Charlene in a program called X-Biking. With this fitness regime, participants use an updated version of the stationary bicycle that works their core and simulates the movement of a back country bike ride. Moving freewheel gears help you keep correct form during your workout, meaning less strain on your back and more muscle building for your abs. Lastly, X-Biking creates more resistance in the pedals for the rider, meaning a tougher workout and less time wasted in your fitness journey.