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cardio Kickboxing (with bags)

Kick boxing is the new and exciting way to work out. It's a great option for cross-training. This class is not intimidating to beginners because there is not a lot of difficult, fancy choreography to execute. This type of class is easy for the exerciser to modify, so you can personally determine the level of intensity you want.

Because we use real boxing bags at Lady Fitness, you will get a total body workout from head-to-toe. You will get a great upper body workout from all the different punches and from the fact that you actually make contact with a bag resulting in better definition and more strength throughout the entire upper body. The variety of kicks used will help define and strengthen the lower body and this type of class really focuses on giving the abs a great workout.

kickboxingKick boxing allows you to work up a good healthy sweat while you're having fun and burning lots of calories and fat. It is also an incredible way to reduce and release stress while improving your self-esteem and confidence.





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